Mining Chemicals

Chemicals play an unchangeable role in efficiency and productivity of mineral processing. Approximately, 2 billion tons of ores are processed by flotation per annum. This significant amount of mineral processing implies the remarkable consumption of mining chemicals (collectors, frothers, flocculators and modifiers) in flotation.

In general term, chemicals used for mining can be categorized as follows:

  • Explosive chemicals: tend to reduce particles size so that excavation and transferring can be carried out.
  • Flocculating chemicals: those materials used to aggregate the tiny suspended particles so as to efficiently separation (like polyacrylamides).
  • Collectors: adsorbed on the ore surface and giving rise to hydrophobing (such as alkyl xanthate salts for sulfide ores).
  • Frothers: consists of polar (functional groups of alcohols and glycols) and non-polar parts, giving rise to stabilizing the air bubbles (like methyl isobutyl ceriunite).
  • Leachants: Those substances that can dissolve selectively some specific minerals (such as sulfuric acid for oxide ores, cyanides for gold and caustic soda for alumina production).
  • Chemicals used in solvent extraction: organic materials that are utilized for selectively separation and concentrating desire cations dissolved in aqueous acids (most extractors in industry have functional group of oxime).

Global mining chemical market, was estimated about 21.8 billion dollars in 2015 and is expected to reach to $30.1 billion till 2020 by an average growth rate of 6.6%. The chemicals studied in this analysis include different types of collectors, frothers, floccultors, girding aids and solvent extractors.



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