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Preliminary studies, accurate evaluations, and reducing the time before the construction commencement of a project, both reduces the costs, and has a significant role in the success of the project due to the acceleration of the operation start up.

Any investment idea has to go through numerous steps, various measures and actions to reach the construction commencement. This process includes all the preliminary and complementary economic, financial, market, technology, location and environment studies, conceptual, basic and detailed engineering design, negotiations with the investors, lenders, technology and machinery suppliers, free special zones or industrial states, governmental organizations  and agencies (in order to receive the necessary permits), and so on and so forth. All these steps require executive actions by the investor organization or by assigning to third parties.

Investing in large projects is carried out by major public or private companies whose various management levels and current trends, in some cases, lead to an intense reduction in the accuracy of the studies and slowness in fulfilling the tasks. Outsourcing and receiving management services from experienced and skilled teams, and just being monitored by the employer can be one of the solutions for improving the completion of the relevant affairs by the project management. AMC, based on its knowledge and its experience, offers management services to implement investment projects as follows:


Conducting basic studies

Basic studies offered by AMC are as follow:

1- Preliminary evaluation based on the business environment and the related industry and preparation of goal-setting reports (Scoping report)

2- Preparation of preliminary technical and economic reports (Prefeasibility study)

3- Preparation of the report on technical and economic feasibility based on conceptual design (Feasibility study)

4- Preparation of the report on technical and economic feasibility based on detailed engineering design (Detailed feasibility study)

5- Preparation of the business plan (Business plan)

6- Preparation of the implementation model of the project (Project contract arrangement)

7- Studies to select the method of financing the project (Project financing)


Assigning the works, performance monitoring and taking over the completed works

Assigning works to third parties (consultants and contractors) requires investigation, selecting a consultant or a contractor, awarding the contract, performance monitoring and short-term and final taking over of the completed tasks. To prepare feasibility study reports (preliminary, detailed, and bankable) and a business plan, a conceptual, basic and detailed engineering design, to  prepare EIA report and obtain environmental permit, and etc. (if there not in AMC’s scope of work) a third party will be required. The main contractor of the project depends upon the method of the project implementation (PC, EPC, and PECM or …) which will be determined in basic studies of selecting the method of the implementation and financing. To select consultants and contractors, it is vital to select the type of the tender (limited or unlimited), documentation (pre-evaluation and tender documents), holding the tender (inviting companies and corporations, and receiving proposal), evaluation and selecting the winner and finally awarding the contract. After commencing the works by consultant or contractor, it is necessary to monitor its performance of consultants and contractors. The main services of AMC in assigning the works to third parties are:

1- Preparation of tender documentation in order to select consultants, machinery and equipment suppliers, and contractors based on the clients transaction codes and regulations (Tender documents)

2- Completion of all affairs related to the selection of consultants, suppliers, and contractors at any stage of the work, according to tender documents and employer transaction codes and regulations (Tendering)

3- Studying and evaluating the requests, proposals and suggestions, the reports and studies carried out by consultants, suppliers and contractors, organizations and other people somehow involved in the project.

4- Monitoring and supervising the consultants and the contractors, including office studies and visits. (Performance monitoring)

5- Advising and monitoring for the improvement of the studies and implementation of the project at any stage.


Investors and shareholder structure

In case the client wishes to interact with other people and companies to supply the required equity, or if the client wishes to enter into a partnership with other investors, it is necessary to offer the project to the other investors; and after the completion of required equity, the partnership would take place. After completing the basic studies and the final approval of the project in the investor’s organization or the main developer, to attract more investors the following services will be offered:

1- Preparing or receiving the list of potential investors with the help of the client (Potential investor list)

2- Presenting the project to investors and answering their questions (investor review)

3- Holding final negotiations with the client and signing the final resolution ((Equity partner resolution)

4- Finalizing the shareholders structure, the type of the company and the method of managing the company (Shareholder structure)

5- Preparing the draft of the shareholders’ agreement and finalizing it (Shareholder agreement)


Financing the project

One more principle task before the implementation is to finance the project. How the project is going to be financed must be approved by the investor. According to the approved financing method, it can be done through banks, stock exchange or other lenders. To finance based on the approved financing methods, the following general services are provided:

1- Presenting the project to lenders and answering their questions (lender review)

2- Receiving the preliminary offer from the lender (Term sheet)

3- Internal and external negotiation to choose a lender and finalization of the agreement (Finance agreement)



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