Managment Services

AMC provide cost effective management services for investment projects up to construction commencement of the project and include all required services to achieve the objectives of the projects and include such as performance monitoring of all steps such as project studies, engineering design in all work disciplines, performing technical, financial, and legal services, holding regular meetings and … within the framework of identified methods, standards, and guidelines of the client. As changing an investment idea to a project requires financial and organizational resources, AMC with regard to its knowledge and experience in assessing the economy of the projects to reduce the costs and the time of the activities before the implementation of the projects offers cost effective management services including the following:

- Investment projects management services

- Creation and development of investment projects

- Participation in development of investment projects

- Development of the knowledge-based projects based on direct investment strategy in foreign markets

Investment Management Services

Preliminary studies, accurate evaluations, and reducing the time before the construction commencement of a project, both reduces the costs, and has a significant role in the ...

Project Joint Development

Vast domination of the government on industrial and economical structure of the country during the previous decades, directed the industrial and economical polices of the country, in a way that ...

Project Development and Promoting

AMC experts in project creation and development division, through continuous monitoring of industry and industrial opportunities, attempted to assess and identify industrial ...

Knowledge-Based Projects

Although exporting is the simplest and the cheapest entrance or gateway to global markets, exporting  many commercial manufactured products in Iran to target markets ...




AMC serves all business areas related to mining and metals industries.

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