Risk Assesment and Managment


In today’s world, due to variety of influential factors on economic indicators and due to the intensification of the market fluctuations caused by the same fact, the active participants of various markets face more unstable markets and more price fluctuations. Hence, risk management has become more significant than before and the managers of the companies try to control the environmental factors by managing the effective factors on the activities of their organization. Risk management which has gained much attention and publicity over the past three decades, has had great significance to senior and executive managers of the companies, it is consisted of 3 main parts: management of financial risks, operational risks and legal risks; to have an appropriate reaction in each of these areas, we need to know the influential factors and have the ability to control their effects on the performance of the company.


Relying on its own management knowledge and expertise and also the knowledge it has gained in the market, AMC helps its clients to know and act in time against predictable and unpredictable environmental changes and risks which will effect on the performance of the companies and to obtain the best results from environmental fluctuations. These services lead to improving the financial structure of the companies, budgeting, improving the structures, processes and a combination of incomes, decreasing the risk of human resources and organizational resources as well as reducing political, economical and legal risks.



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