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Due to development of the privatization process of national Iranian industries, esp. mining industries, and transfer or sale of their shares to real and legal people, these companies placed growth in productivity and an improvement of competitive advantages as their top priority in their agendas to gain more market share and more profitability. To this end, implementing this policy needed an evaluation of the current situation of these companies in comparison with their rivals and competitors and then development of operational plans to achieve these goals.


AMC has several years of experience in consulting to mining industries. By recognizing the fact that the organizations steadily have to improve their knowledge about their current situation and realize the environmental changes, AMC has provided management consulting to senior managers of the companies. In fact, AMC’s Management Consulting Services include comprehensive services from research as well as providing best solutions to the managers, in order to achieve organizational goals quickly.


Besides the aforementioned cases, developing the investment in the mining sector and mining industries of the country has caused formation of the new companies and investment holdings with the same investment intention in mining sector. AMC not only provides consulting services to active companies, but it also offers management consulting to the new comers and interested companies which have the potential for investment in this area which includes a complete set of research and consulting services to select suitable areas for investment and also provides necessary advice during investment and production.


Offering management consulting services to customers and clients results in a precise definition of the issues with regard to organizational problems and transmission of the importance of the subject to the managers which are the most important principles for the gradual advancement and improvement of the organization.



AMC serves all business areas related to mining and metals industries.

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