Non-Metal Industries

A part of dependent industries to mining and metal industries relates to those industries which focus on materials and products other than minerals and metals. For example, mining chemicals are materials used in mining and mineral processing and metal industries but they belong to none of the groups of mineral and metal categories.

In some cases, there are other industries whose products are not applicable in mining and metal industries but they consume the by-products of the mining and metal industries; therefore these industries are somehow related to the mining and metal industries. For instance, a part of phosphate chemical fertilizers are being produced near to copper or zinc smelters to consume the sulfuric acid which is a by-product of the smelters, and as a result, the industry and the market of these fertilizers have been of great importance to the active participants in metal market.

AMC with regard to the discussed issues has classified non-metal industries which are dependent to mining and metal industries as its target market and provides consulting and management services to these industries too.



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