AMC serves all business areas related to mining and metals industries, raw materials and the related markets. Mining industries can benefit from AMC services, such as iron ore, bauxite, copper concentrate, chromite, coal, etc. as well as iron and steel and steel products such as steel longs and flats, galvanized steel, aluminium and aluminium products, copper and copper products, lead and zinc ferroalloys, precious metals such as gold, silver and other metals like nickel or molybdenum. Also we serve some non-metal industries which somehow are related to the mining industries or their products are by-products of metal and mining industries such as sulfuric acid or chemical fertilizers.


The following fields are our major markets and industries which we serve:


- Mining industries


- Metal industries


- Non-metal industries



AMC serves all business areas related to mining and metals industries.

Metals News Magazine

Metals News monthly is being published by AMC to cover metals markets.

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