Presius Metals

Precious metals are those which have intensively elevated economic values, such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. These metals are relatively noble with low reactivity and because of that, their appearances tend to be brilliance relative to other metals. They also are more flexible and melt in higher temperatures than other metals.

Silver, platinum and palladium have basic and important applications in electronic and automotive industries. Regardless to industrial applications of precious metals and their use in jewelries (specially gold and silver), these metals are considered as capital and a way to assets diversifying.

Global reserves of gold have been totaled about 56 thousand tons in 2015. Australia owning 9 thousand tons and Russia 8 thousand tons hold the hugest gold reserves. China, Australia, Russia and United States were the top producers. According to United States Geological Survey, produced gold in Iran has been around 3 tons in 2014, implying 0.1% of global gold production.

Zarshouran, Mouteh and Agh-Dareh are interpreted as the most important gold mines of Iran. Moreover, NICICo counts as one of the chief gold producers in Iran. Anode slime (obtained from copper recovery) contains worthwhile elements such as gold, silver, selenium and tellurium, which can be extracted as by-products of copper recovery process. Gold and silver concentrations in anode slime are approximately 0.1 and 4.7 percent, respectively. Anode slime is commonly sold in respect to 92% of gold and silver price. NICICo produced about 506 tons of anode slime in 2015.

Silver worldwide reserves have been mounted up to 570 thousand tons in 2015. Global silver production in last two years has been 27.3 and 26.8 thousand tons. At the present, Iran does not hold any mines that have been corresponded directly to silver. Silver produced in Iran, attains as by-product of copper, zinc and lead mines. Share of Iran for silver production in 2014 was 0.13% (35 tons).

Overall reserves of platinum and palladium have been reported 66 thousand tons worldwide, of which 63 thousand tons (more than 90 percent) are deposited in South Africa. Nowadays, miners interest vigorously in other precious metals such as platinum and palladium, as they do in gold.



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