Most of industrial developments are dared to nickel. Almost 68% of global consumption of nickel in stainless steels evidences nickel’s key role. 32% of nickel’s consumption is contributed to alloy steels and nickel-base alloys, of which 6% in nickel alloys, 10% in nickel-base alloys, 9% in plating, 3% in foundry and 4% in chemical and battery production.

The principle mineral reserves of nickel can be summarized into sulfides and lateritic, which about 40% of total 79 million tons of nickel resources are sulfide and the rest is lateritic.

Production of nickel has been continuously increased since 2000; it reached to 2530 thousand tons in 2015 from 1320 thousand tons in 2000. Philippine, Russia and Canada are the top three producers of nickel, which has produced about 530, 240 and 240 thousand tons of nickel in 2015, respectively.

However, Iran does not produce mineral nickel, and it meets its demands by importation. Total imported nickel and its alloys to Iran have been approximated 2.1 thousand tons in 2015. Lately a hopeful nickel deposit has been discovered in Fars province, which can give rise to stepping of Iran for production of this valuable metal in near future.



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