Lead and Zinc

Zinc is the most important non-ferrous metal after copper and aluminum, having diverse applications in different industries. The chief application of zinc is in galvanization and alloying. About 48 percent of zinc is consumed for galvanization, 18 percent for brass, 15 percent for non-mentioned alloys, 8 percent for chemical materials and 7 percent in semi-products. In respect to end uses of zinc, about 48 percent of zinc is consumed in construction and building, 10 percent in machineries and equipments, 10 percent in home appliances, 23 percent in automotive and transporting industries and 9 percent for infrastructural industries.

Total mineral global production of zinc (primary zinc) was 13.4 million tons in 2015. Taking secondary zinc (recycled from scraps) into account, total production will extend to 13.9 million tons. About 100 thousand tons of zinc was oversupplied last year. Iran has been ranked as 10th for zinc reserves and resources. Iran stood for 22nd of zinc production in 2015, producing 130 thousand tons.

Lead is one of the most consumed base metals, which its annual average consumption has been 7 million tons in globe. High resistance to corrosion, variety in alloying and it dominant chemical and physical properties have resulted in its key role in industrial operations. Lead metal is applied to numerous industries, like military, alloying, battery manufacturing, weaving, dye production and etc.

Total mineral production of lead has been reported about 4.5 million tons, which will be raised to 10.6 million tons by taking secondary lead into account. About 18 thousand tons was oversupplied in 2015. Furthermore, Iran stands as 11th of lead deposits owners across the world and 20th as lead producer.



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