Aluminum has numerous applications in diversified industries, including aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, transporting, electronic, home appliances, packaging, etc. This metal has been labeled as the “metal of century” due to its prominent electrical and mechanical properties. Aluminum is the second most consumed metal, and is the most consumed non-ferrous metal. Promising characteristics of this metal have given rise to replacing many metals with aluminum. It has been predicted that rate of demands for this worthy metal will grow superior to other metals.

Alumina is the primary mineral source of aluminum, which is generally obtained from bauxite ore. Global capacity of aluminum production was 70 million tons and about 58 million tons of primary aluminum was produced in 2015. China was considered as the greatest producer, producing 31.7 million tons in 2015.

Aluminum industry was launched in Iran since 1967. Ever since Arak aluminum complex was constructed and 5 years later this complex could successfully produce 10 thousand tons of aluminum. The second factory was funded in 1990 and commissioned in 1997. These two factories produced 322 thousand tons of aluminum in 2015.

This amount is not fulfilled as compared with neighbors. Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have been produced 960 and 2340 thousand tons of aluminum in 2015, respectively. The chief companies functioning in this region are Alba and Dubal. The current production of Iran is 353 thousand tons, in which IRALCO and Almahdi contribute importantly. However the project of HORMOZAL plan has been implemented, but IRALCO suffers from its old technologies, resulting in final price enhancement.



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