Metal Industries

Metals form a great part of our environment and their different vast characteristics made these metals an inseparable part of ordinary human life. Metals significant role in technological advancements has paved the way for the metal industry and market to be the pioneer among other commodities and be the leading one.

Different forms of metals have been used in various fields for various ends. For instance, common metals which are widely used are known as basic metals, great application of iron and steel is the main cause of classifying these basic metals into two categories of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In addition to basic metals, other metals such as rare metals, precious metals and etc. are among metals which have particular characteristics and are used in special industries.

In our classification, metal industry refers to a group of industries producing refined metals and as well as industries whose raw materials are metals which are processed into semi-finished and finished products. For instance, steel slabs after some processes such as rolling, heat treatment, and coating turns into a product which later is formed to a finished product to be used in a car.



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