Mining Industries

Mining industries are in general those industries including explorations, mine equipping, extraction, beneficiation and mineral processing. Mineral materials include a vast and verity products which are extracted from mines and are categorized based on some preliminary principles, even oil and gas are among these mineral materials. However, in Iran, due to the importance of oil and gas in gross domestic production (GDP) and in exports, oil and gas are commonly separated from other mining industries.

Therefore, AMC by taking these facts into account has focused mainly on mineral metals industries among which we can refer to iron ore, bauxite and alumina, copper and molybdenum concentrates and lead, zinc and chromite concentrations.

As mentioned earlier, AMC offers its services in each of the cycles of industries such as explorations, equipment, extraction, beneficiation and processing.



AMC serves all business areas related to mining and metals industries.

Metals News Magazine

Metals News monthly is being published by AMC to cover metals markets.

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