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Vast domination of Iranian government on industrial and economical structure of the country during the previous decades directed the industrial and economical polices of the country, in a way that they became aligned with and supported such topics as employment and anti-depravation, and such indicators as competitiveness and profit making have been somehow ignored or poorly understood.In this structure, there is not much space for the growth of the private sector and large companies, typically, observe the plans provided with the government for them. It is obvious that in this atmosphere, to observe and obey the rules of economy and the market will not be top priority, and as a result these issues are not in favor of the governmental managers. On the other hand, with the advancement of the procedure of privatization of economy in the country, large scale enterprises are getting more and more interested in taking part and competing with national and international rivals in global markets, and this very fact has pinpointed these companies’ weakness in industrial economic discussions.


Metals and Materials Company (AMC) has been founded with the purpose of offering consulting and management service for mining and other related industries, to facilitate the process of decision making of the aforesaid industries top managers. To do so it offers some services such as management services, management consulting and research services in market and industry analysis, financial analysis, risk management and the dominant and enterprise strategies. In addition to the cited services, this company is being active in the field of publication, media and holding seminars and training courses in related fields. One of the results of the operation of AMC during previous years has been the monthly publication of Metals News Monthly (MNM) for about 10 years.


AMC has established its services based on the immediate needs of its customers and clients with regard to the condition of the domestic market and its dependence on global market. To improve its services, they have accredited by mutual cooperation with international institutions.



AMC serves all business areas related to mining and metals industries.

Metals News Magazine

Metals News monthly is being published by AMC to cover metals markets.

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